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San Francisco, Mi Amor! 
The 80s: Queer Comedy, Taquerias, The Castro, The Mission, Mullets & Shoulder Pads So Wide You Can Fly!
Brava Theater Center, San Francisco
April 28 & 29, 2023.  7:30P


San Francisco, Mi Amor!, about the start of my queer comedy career and activism in San Francisco during the 1980s. San Francisco, Mi Amor!, is a comedic look back at my pioneering career during a remarkable time in LGBTQ and Chicana history. Buy tickets ASAP. Limited seating. 



Who's Your Mami Comedy
​March 16, 2023.  7:30P
Brava Theater Center, San Francisco



Celebrate women's history month by laughing the patriarchy away at Brava's hit comedy series "Who's Your Mami Comedy." I'm doing stand-up along w/ Dhaya Lakshminarayanan, Karinda Dobbins and hosted by Marga Gomez & Riley Manlapaz. 



Intro to Gender in The Humanities
California State University Fullerton
Guest Speaker
April 10 & 11, 2023


Happy to be returning to the course: Intro to Gender in The Humanities at Cal State Fullerton this Spring semester. I was guest speaker Fall semester 2022. Looking forward to the lively conversations with Professor Pablo Alvarez and his students. 

Published in:

Fifty Key Figures in Queer U.S. Theatre


Exciting! I was selected as one of 50 key figures in queer US theatre! My entry was written by Dr. Marci McMahon, professor at University of Houston, Clear Lake. The anthology was edited by Jimmy A. Noriega & Jordan Schildcrout. Routledge 2023.



My testimonial:  
La Llorona Loca Through My Chicana Lesbian Lens, published in special issue of
The Journal of Lesbian Studies Spring 2023

The Journal of Lesbian Studies Spring 2023 focuses on special issue about the iconic anthology: Chicana Lesbians - The Girls Our Mothers Warned Us About, by Carla Trujillo, Third Woman Press 1991. I'm one of the original contributors to this groundbreaking anthology that published my unique comedic Chicana lesbian version of La Llorona, the Mexican ghost woman. For this special issue of The Journal of Lesbian Studies, I wrote a testimonial: La Llorona Loca through My Chicana Lesbian Lens, about the origin story of my Llorona tale. This distinctive issue of the Journal is edited by Stacy I. Macias, PhD, & Liliana C. Gonzalez, PhD.


Making Guacamole with My Ancestors
Coming soon!

Making Guacamole with My Ancestors--what a great title! Working on new solo show for 2024. My avocado tree better be ready and loaded with beautiful ripe avocados. Buying avocados at the market can be a crap shoot. You buy what you believe are ripe avocados, you get home, slice the avocados open and you discover they're rotten! Gawd, I hate that! On a positive note, when you get a delicious ripe avocado--it's heaven!

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